OFFICES & SMALL BUSINESSES: How a Professional Organizer Can Help

How many times have you gone into your office at work and just sighed when you saw your desk?  That familiar, sinking feeling hits your stomach, and you realize it’s going to be at least a half an hour or more of finding your desk before you can get around to the business of actually accomplishing any of the mountains of tasks that need your attention.   And unlike disorganization in your home, you can’t put off this task in your office, because the success of your business is at stake: if these tasks aren’t completed, your business can suffer both in productivity and financially.  Enter, the professional organizer.


Let’s face it, we all know what do when it comes time to work.  As business owners, we know our business better than anyone. We know the concept that led to the creation of our business, we know our long-term goals and sometimes we even know the short- term goals we need to reach in order to make those long term goals a reality.  What we often don’t know is, what do we do with the mountain of items that cross our desk before we have time to deal with them?  How do we organize employee files, client files, financial receipts and expenses including payroll, business expenses, and incoming payments for services?  What about all the marketing ideas and continuing education items that come in the mail that we know we need to read, but just can’t do it right now? And don’t forget, keeping all those receipts and information for income taxes!  How do we deal with it all?


A professional organizer can help you with all of these tasks.  We can help set up systems to organize all of the incoming information until you have time to sit down and actually deal with them.  We can also recommend ways to handle employee and client files as well as set up your financial records for easy tracking.  Managed Chaos, LLC specializes in doing these tasks for small, start-up businesses.
It’s best to put these systems in place before things get out of control, of course.  Companies can grow quickly, and having control over every aspect of your business allows you to get to the business of doing what you do best, and spending less time on the busy-ness.

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in to a clean desk, sit down, pick up a file or go on your computer to a file, do what needs to be done, and within the hour, be back at the part of the job you love best? That’s where Managed Chaos, LLC can help.

Here’s a bonus tip for you:  Vertical stacks don’t work.  Take a look at your desk, your assistant’s desk, and see how many stacks of papers, files, etc. you see.  The problem with vertical stacks is we never see the bottom.  Vertical only works for stacks of like items, e.g. blank forms to be filled out.

Take a good look at your business. Keep track one day of how much time you spend doing “busy” work instead of business, then give Managed Chaos a call for a free consultation.