End the morning craziness!

(Note: the term “Launch Pad” comes from the Fly Lady)

Create a “launch pad” or “command center”! When you walk in the door, you need to have a place to put everything: your keys, purse, bags, shoes, mail, and anything else you have in your hands should not end up on the floor or the table. Every command center is different. You can incorporate everything from a binder of take out menus to a chalk board for notes – just make sure it works for you. There should be a spot for each member of the family. If you noticed in the article in the News Tribune, I mentioned paying attention to the traffic flow in your house and plan that spot accordingly; a place you can come in, hang up your coat, your keys, put your purse/backpack, etc…. The other half of this is to then use that launch pad at night to put everything that needs to go out the door the next morning. For kids, that means having everything for school in that spot (I suggest including shoes in that spot! Take them off pre-bedtime and take them straight to the launch pad for the next morning). When used properly, this alleviates some of the morning rush and craziness.