Confidentiality: Overcoming Embarrassment

People usually know when a space or even their entire house needs organizing. There’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach that change needs to happen and that if it’s going to be real change then maybe it’s time to ask for help.  But then that feeling of dread and fear starts to seep in.  What will that person think of me for letting my space get to this point?  What will their reaction be when they see it?  Will they judge me?

Fear of judgment and embarrassment are two real feelings that can keep someone from asking for help they know they need.  In my business, I strive to make people feel comfortable and hope to help them build a trusting relationship with me as I help them gain control of their environment.  One of the biggest things I can offer them is confidentiality.  When people find out I want to take before and after photos there’s often some hesitation, but take a look at the photos section on this website, and you’ll see that there’s nothing there that shows the client’s identity.  I tell my clients that I’ve imposed “HIPAA” on myself when working. This trust is crucial to helping people over that barrier of fear and embarrassment.

Many of my elderly clients have a lifetime of memories in their homes that they know will one day be gone through by someone. Confidentiality is crucial in these instances, as I listen to their memories, go through their prized possessions, and help them to label and make plans for their disbursement.  A bonus for me? I get to hear wonderful stories and see beautiful things!

As a professional organizer, it’s not my job to judge people or their habits, but instead to help them make the change they seek and form new habits, and to listen to their needs.  When the task is complete, the before and after photos speak for themselves.

Taking that first step of asking for help is a huge step! Now take that second step of overcoming the feelings of embarrassment and second-guessing yourself, and move to the third step of making a change.  Change is never easy! There’s a reason we call it our comfort zone. But real growth and change comes from leaving our comfort zone and making the change we know we need.  Remember: if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had.  Real change comes from taking the first step and deciding to make a change.

As for my role in the process, for me, what happens at a client’s house stays at a client’s house.