Reorganizing redundancy

Tired of organizing the same space over and over again? Time to find a new system that works better for you! Re: refrigerators & pantries: Designate one shelf in your refrigerator for leftovers. Assign a place for everything. Pantries: rotate as you go. New items always in the back so that older products are used […]

End the morning craziness!

(Note: the term “Launch Pad” comes from the Fly Lady) Create a “launch pad” or “command center”! When you walk in the door, you need to have a place to put everything: your keys, purse, bags, shoes, mail, and anything else you have in your hands should not end up on the floor or the […]

Long term planning

Let’s talk long term planning. Many of us have new health insurance cards issued this month with the new year. Be sure to have an “In Case of Emergency” file clearly marked and in a spot it can be found by whomever needs accessibility to it. In it have your Durable Power of Attorney, Insurance […]

End the junk stack!

As I work with more and more people, I find the same issue time after time: One spot in the house that gets covered with everything. (Usually a counter top or the kitchen/dining room table). This tip was originally posted almost eight months ago, but it bears repeating. When it comes to mail, touch each […]

The “drop zone”

Every house has a “drop zone” where everyone just “drops” their stuff as they come in. Take a look and see what gets dropped then figure out how to organize it! For us, it was the kitchen. Everything from mail, newspapers, dog leashes, coats, backpacks….. Since we come in from the garage through the laundry […]

Organizing: Where to start?

Have an organizing project that just seems impossible to even start? Start with a “rough sort”…. a basic organizing. For example: Photos: Go through and sort by group or topic first and toss the blurry/out of focus/I have no idea who these people are or where this is photos. Room? Start with three piles: keep, […]


People always ask me “But what about books?” I have to admit that’s a weakness of mine as well. But rather than buying bookcases to hold an ever expanding collection, I finally revisited my books and only kept the ones that I knew I’d read again and that I was really connected to, that is, […]

2/1/14: Mail messiness

When it comes to mail, touch each piece only one time as it comes in! Put bills directly in a bill sorter, shred the junk, recycle what you can, and place correspondence where you’ll answer it right away (for me, that’s my desk)…… End the stack of junk!