Why Hire a Professional Organizer

  Most people I know get the urge to “get organized” every few months or so, usually at specific times of the year like the holidays, when the new year begins, when it’s almost spring, when summer vacation begins, or when it’s almost time for the new school year. What causes these urges? Usually just […]

Honoring Your Memories

Whether working in a home, office, or on an estate, I run across the same question almost every time: What do with items that represent our memories or items we’ve inherited. We all have it: That one box (or more) way up high on a shelf in the closet, and in it is everything from […]

Confidentiality: Overcoming Embarrassment

People usually know when a space or even their entire house needs organizing. There’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach that change needs to happen and that if it’s going to be real change then maybe it’s time to ask for help.  But then that feeling of dread and fear starts to seep […]

Before & After—Garage

It’s pretty obvious what the client needed on this one.  When it comes to garages, I set up zones: a tool zone, garden zone, yard zone, home repair zone, etc…  Ignore the two black trash bags in the after shot. That’s shredding to go to our town’s shred fest this weekend.    

Before & After– desk

  Desk before:  Client needed a system for incoming papers to keep the area clean, and a system for the photos that were stored underneath.   Desk after:  Using a horizontal filing system with clear  zippered bags, a system is now in place for all incoming paperwork and receipts. Photos are now stored in archival […]

Why Organize?

  There are two types of organization: short term and long term.   Short term organization is the type we deal with on a daily basis and that affects our daily life. Think about your living space. Do you have a space in your house that, just thinking about going into it, gives you that […]

Vertical vs. Horizontal

Horizontal versus vertical!  How many “stacks” do you have in your house/office/craft room/work space?  Vertical stacks do NOT work! Why? Because you have to dig through them to remember what’s on the bottom!  Instead, make them horizontal. Incoming papers that need to attention but not ready to file? Use a desk top file holder with […]

Virtual organizing: Email

EMAIL! How many emails are in your inbox?  Just as you organize paperwork as it comes across your desk, so should you organize your email. For those who have gmail, some of that is done for you as it divides your email into “inbox” “social” and “promotions”.  For others, create folders for your specific topics, […]

Laundry: Love or hate?

LAUNDRY! Are you a “piler” or a “folder”? Keeping with the tip of “touch each item one time”, fold, hang up, and sort as items come out of the dryer! Sort clothes by family member (each with their own basket). Laundry is one area where family can be involved! Toddlers can help match socks and […]

A place for everything and….

One of the most common problems I see when organizing a space is finding items that don’t belong in that particular space but that made their way there somehow. So this week’s tip? Assign a place for everything in the area where it will be used! Example: only food/cooking items in the kitchen; only linens […]