I Decluttered!….. Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve gone through your house, disposed of or donated items you haven’t used in years, know exactly where everything is, and feel very accomplished, but somehow, things still feel cluttered or messy and you still feel like you’re not in control of your space. Why?? Because decluttering is just the first step. Managed Chaos […]


Let’s face it, what’s so difficult about moving?  You put all your stuff in boxes, get a moving truck (or friends with pickups) and everybody you know to come help, then you move it all from the old location to the new! Piece of cake, right? Well, for those who have moved their entire home, […]

Organizing Hoarders

  In my previous blog,  “Organizing vs. Cleaning,” I alluded to my work with hoarders, with the promise to go more in depth on this topic. I often receive phone calls asking if I work with hoarders, and more often than not, it’s the friend of a hoarder calling.  When it’s the hoarder themselves who […]

Organizing vs. Cleaning

This entry will go hand in hand with my next entry, “Helping Hoarders.” Often when I get calls to help with estates or hoarders, after looking at the property, I will turn down the task, simply because what they really need is someone to haul junk away and to clean.  So, what’s the difference between […]

On Storage and the Holidays

  If you know me, you know I aim to put the personal storage unit business out of business.  Why?  Because if we’re truly  honoring our memories and using our possessions, there’s no real reason to store anything other than our home decorations for the holidays and a few off season items. Often people use storage […]

For Parents: School Year Organizing

      For most of us, the school year has begun, and with it comes literally mountains of papers, forms to fill out, rushed mornings and exhausted bedtimes.  What if you could make this a bit easier? With a little effort and responsibility on both the parts of you and your children, it can […]

Estates and Clearing Out the Family Home

Several have asked about my tag line, “No closet too small! No estate too big!” and wondered just what I do when it comes to estates or clearing out the family home after a loved one has been moved to a skilled nursing facility.  If you’ve read my blog from the beginning, you know how […]